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Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Though not many would agree there are internal benefits to having plastic surgery procedures as well as the obvious benefit of looking better. If you look better, your self esteem will soar and you may look at the world in a whole different way. The Psychological... read more
What Is The Youngest Age To Have Plastic Surgery

What Is The Youngest Age To Have Plastic Surgery

It used to be that the arena of plastic surgery was for the old folks. They needed it in order to stay and feel they looked younger. In today’s world, more young people are electing to have cosmetic surgery procedures. The media makes it out to seem that teenage... read more
What is The Best Age To Have Plastic Surgery

What is The Best Age To Have Plastic Surgery

From all the information that the media feeds us on a daily basis, it leads us to think havingcosmetic plastic surgery is like a day trip to the spa. They also lead us to believe that the younger you have plastic surgery procedures, the younger looking you will stay... read more
Why Do We Care About Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Why Do We Care About Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Celebrities have made having plastic surgery procedures the norm for those who can afford them. Even the average citizen will have plastic surgery because their favorite celebrity has had some work done. There are several reasons why we care about celebrity plastic... read more

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Before you decide on your surgery you need to know how to find a good surgeon, the surgery costs and the pros and cons of the surgery. This is why we will strive to provide you with the latest information regarding plastic surgeryreconstructive surgerynon cosmetic surgery and weight loss surgery.

We know surgery can be an emotional subject especially if you or a loved one is having the surgery performed. That is why we provide a surgery chat room so you can chat with others who are going through what you are. Chat with surgeons and patients alike and have fun doing it. Go ahead make friends today!

Success Stories: Before and After – Saratoga Bariatric Surgery

At 22 years old and 351 lbs, Aubrey Podell was nearly incapable of regular, daily activities. She was on track to develop type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease all before the age of 30. Aubrey underwent Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery with Sheila Partridge, MD, at the Center for Weight Loss Surgery at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Aubrey has lost 190 lbs and ran the 2014 Boston Marathon. She credits the surgery with saving her life. Learn more at

Welcome to! We can help you learn more about the surgical procedures you may need or are considering in the near future. Our site will cover everything from elective plastic surgery and non-cosmetic procedures to reconstructive and weight loss surgeries, and keep you updated on any new procedures that become available. We are committed to presenting you with the latest information, as well as quality video presentations and photos to help you make informed decisions about your upcoming surgeries.

Here at, you’ll be able to join our forum and meet others facing similar issues as yourself for support. It is natural to be afraid of an impending surgery. It is also an emotional experience to subject yourself or a loved one to surgery of any kind, and having the support of others who have been there can help you feel more confident and secure in facing the procedure. Once you’re well on your way to a full recovery, we hope you’ll come back and offer your support to others who are experiencing that same fear that you did before your surgery.

Our forum also offers you the chance to talk with surgeons. While they can’t diagnose online, they can offer you an explanation of what you can expect from a surgical procedure, and give you advice to make the most of your recovery.

Plastic surgery
Whether you are considering an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or breast implants, you’ll want to find out what to expect before you have your procedure. Both of these procedures are commonplace, and are routinely performed without any complications. Rhytidectomy, or face lift surgery, is also a common procedure that is done on a daily basis with good results. Maybe you’re more interested in liposuction, another surgical procedure that can remove pockets of fat cells from certain areas of the body. You’ll be able to find out exactly what this procedure entails, and whether it is right for you. Others may be interested in learning their options for lip augmentation.

Maybe you’re just exploring the idea of plastic surgery. Either way, is here to help you learn enough about any procedures that you have an interest in so you can make the best decision for yourself at the right time, including figuring what a procedure may cost.

Reconstructive surgery
There are many reasons someone may need reconstructive surgery. Some babies are born with a cleft lip that prevents them from nursing properly. Reconstructive surgery can repair this. Breast reduction surgery is a true blessing to some women who have suffered from severe back problems; for those who have faced breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy, breast reconstruction may make them feel like themselves again. Scar revision can be done for those experiencing severe scarring from previous surgeries or accidents. A skin graft is a very exacting procedure used to repair severe burns. Otoplasty, or ear reconstruction can be used to repair damaged ears or make misshapen ears more pleasing. No matter the reason for requiring or desiring reconstructive surgery, we can help you learn your options and what to expect from your chosen procedure.

Weight loss surgery
Many people are considering weight loss surgery to help them lose weight and regain their health. Lap band surgery implants a temporary band that reduces the size of the stomach, causing the patient to feel full sooner. It is removed once the patient’s weight goals are attained. Vertical banded gastroplasty, or stomach stapling, reduces the size of the stomach so the patient feels full sooner, and it slows down digestion, so they feel full longer. Gastric bypass surgery creates a small pouch and a larger pouch in the stomach, then connects both to the small intestine. Bypass surgery restricts the amount of food that can be eaten by the patient. Here at, you can take the time to learn about each procedure, and talk to the surgeons and patients who have had these procedures. When you know the risks and benefits of each procedure, you’ll be well-equipped to discuss your options with your own physician.

Non-cosmetic surgery
Non-cosmetic surgeries are procedures that are less invasive. Most can be performed in a clinic or day surgery, and include procedures like mesotherapy, dermabrasion, collagen, restylane and botox injections, sclerotherapy and chemical peels.

Collagen injections take a substance (collagen) that is found naturally in the body and placing it in other places. Common places for collagen injections would be the lips or in deep facial lines. The collagen fills out these areas, reducing wrinkles and creating more voluptuous lips. Botox treatments and injections are done in the forehead muscles to lessen lines and wrinkles. Chemical skin peelsand dermabrasion both work in different ways to remove the upper layers of skin to reveal the new lower layers, creating a younger look. Mesotherapy injects various pharmaceuticals into fat cells to help them break down. Sclerotherapy is used to fade varicose veins.

Many people who eventually consider plastic surgery start with some non-cosmetic procedures first. Visit our chat rooms to talk with others who have undergone these procedures. They can tell you what to expect, and how they liked the results. You may even find some good recommendations for clinics to go to for these procedures. Talk with experts. Watch videos and view side by side photos. will keep you up to date with all the latest procedures available.

Emotions in the Age of Botox

Botulin injections in the facial muscles, which relax expression lines and make one’s skin appear younger as a result of a mild paralysis, have another, not easily predictable effect: they undermine the ability to understand the facial expressions of other...

Significant Anti-Aging Breakthrough

A breakthrough in understanding human skin cells offers a pathway for new anti-ageing treatments. For the first time, scientists at Newcastle University, UK, have identified that the activity of a key metabolic enzyme found in the batteries of human skin cells...

3-D Printing Could One Day Fix Damaged Cartilage

Athletes, the elderly and others who suffer from injuries and arthritis can lose cartilage and experience a lot of pain. Researchers are now reporting, however, that they have found a way to produce cartilage tissue by 3-D bioprinting an ink containing human cells,...

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